Mind Map of C# and .NET

I’ve been recently playing around with XMIND, reputedly the most popular mind mapping software and so far, I really like it.

To test it out and help me learn more about .NET, I decided to create a mind map of how Visual Studio, C# and the .NET frameworks have changed over time with respect to features.

All in all, it has taken a little while because whilst XMIND is certainly powerful, it can be a little tricky at placing nodes, though I accept it might be user error!

Anyway, here is what I produced using the excellent resources at Jon Skeet’s blog and an article from CodeProject. My version includes Visual Studio 2013 which Jon hasn’t updated as of yet,


You can find my original XMIND file here.


Written by Stephen Moon
email: stephen at logicalmoon.com
www: https://www.logicalmoon.com

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