Pluralsight Video Review – C# from Scratch Parts 1 and 2

C# from Scratch Part 1 and Part 2 by Jesse Liberty (3h 11m and 1h 54m)

This is the first “Beginner” video that I have seen on Pluralsight that I think was genuinely aimed at beginners! Perhaps not complete beginners as in, someone who has no knowledge of any programming knowledge, but someone who is new to C#.

As a consequence of that, I already knew a lot of the things that Jesse covered in this video series, but that was fine because it’s all good over-learning (as they say in teaching!).

So what does he show the viewer? Well, the first video is all about the fundamentals — program flow, objects, exceptions etc. The second takes on a different pace and focus in that he tackles delegates, LINQ and asynchronous programming. It is clear that with the latter one, you need to pay much closer attention.

There were a lot of good points about this course such as:

  • No special edition of Visual Studio is needed. That’s important – I am sure there are many people that need to use the Express or Community editions and this doesn’t exclude them.
  • There were hardly any instructions on how to install Visual Studio. I am sure we can all do that, especially as it feels like a lot of recent videos I have seen go into some depth about the steps required.
  • His examples. He has thought carefully about how to present the concepts in a clear and easy to understand way.
  • He doesn’t waste time typing out lots of things. Through careful editing, some of the code just appears and some he types.
  • The pace is quite slow.
    • Now, that might be a problem for some, but for me and my over-used rewind button, that was fine.
    • It gives you enough time to follow along should you want to type in the code.

Having said the above, it is worth mentioning the following:

  • He talks quite slowly and for some, that might be frustrating. Interestingly, you can play this video at 1.5x normal speed and that doesn’t prevent you from following along.
  • The depth with which he goes into things isn’t too detailed. I personally think that was fine because it’s audience are beginners and the course is only about 5 hours. As a consequence, don’t expect to leave with a thorough understanding of all the concepts (though given it’s intentions, I’d be surprised if you did!).

Overall, I really liked this over some of the other introductory C# videos I have seen and will definitely take a look at some of his other courses.


Written by Stephen Moon
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2 thoughts on “Pluralsight Video Review – C# from Scratch Parts 1 and 2

  1. Another nice review Stephen. I am curious. How many consecutive hours do you spend watching a course like this one? I tend to watch for an hour before getting distracted these days; that is one hour total, not runtime, as I have to pause to take notes. Just looking for some inspiration really :P.

    • It depends on how much concentration is required and how many notes I want to take. So far, I can generally watch about 30 minutes at a time, but I will stop the video a lot to make notes, rewind and think about what they say. I can’t just watch it non-stop because my mind might drift 🙂

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