Udemy Votes

I recently bought a course from Udemy which marks a milestone for me. My regular blog reader will know that I am partial to Pluralsight, but single, individual courses? Nope. That’s despite seeing quite a few that caught my eye but what with YouTube, excellent sites like CodeCourse or Laracasts, there is a lot of competition out there.

So what did I think of it? Well, I really like it, actually, and am glad I got it. I made the mistake of watching the first section on my one-screen laptop, so had the usual flicking backwards and forwards as I worked through the exercises, and the speaker is a little monotone, but the content is great.

As a consequence of my screen-shenanigans, I accidentally reviewed it as 3 stars instead of the 5 that I think it deserves. Since I knew I could come back to it later, I just left it at that. Soon, though, I am sure it asked me if I was sure I wanted to leave the review as that. Again, I figured I could come back later, so left it.

Now anyone that has been to Udemy will notice that there are many, many courses with 4.5 and 5 stars, often with thousands of reviews, but are they all really that good? I have often wondered, not least because I have sometimes been caught out on Amazon in the same situation. Great review, not so great product.

It also reminds me of those corporate courses you go on where they want written feedback at the end. You often end up quite liking the presenter and give them a reasonably good score, even if you might not feel that it is entirely deserved, simply because you know you are about to hand them the formand you think they will know it is yours. Is that a British thing? A human quirk? I don’t know.

So far so good. Then I got this email message from Udemy.

Hmm! Now I really am suspicious. Udemy are in the business of selling courses and courses that don’t have good ratings just won’t sell, of course. Is this something you have experienced? Tell me in the comments if so because I wonder how common this might be (for new users of the site, at least).

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