Installing PHP on Windows with IIS

The Installation

  • Download the Web Platform Installer (Web PI)
  • Run it (search for Web in Start Menu)
  • Click Products then Frameworks.
  • Choose PHP 7.3.1 (x64)
  • Click Add
  • Click Install
  • Click I Accept
  • Click Finish

Note: when I installed this, I also got some errors from one of the components but you can safely ignore that for these.

Checking everything is fine

  • Go to the server and run inetmgr
  • Click on Sites then Default Web Site
  • Right click
  • Explore
  • Add a file in that folder called phpinfo.php which contains the following:

<?php phpinfo();

Save and exit the file.

Now on that machine, browse to:

All being well, you should see suitable output from that PHP function running.


Written by Stephen Moon
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