Every Developer Has a Story

I’ve returned to watching a lot of the videos on Channel 9 and came across an excellent blog series about people using Microsoft Technologies to create apps, called Every Developer Has A Story.

The interesting thing about these videos is that, whilst often quite short (so perfect for watching during breaks), they seem to have been created by the developers themselves which for me, makes them so much more personal. I’d highly recommend checking them out but here are some recent ones:

I really loved this video because the author has gone all-out to making it interesting by dressing up, making good use of music and sound effects, and creating a ‘24’ style atmosphere. I also enjoyed how he has mixed gameplay between his presentation.

This is a really clever app which helps keep you safe by requesting you respond to timely prompts with the idea being if you don’t, then there might be something wrong. Perfect if you are going on long journeys alone by car in remote areas.

This video was more polished because the author created a story which helped place his app into context. I’d have liked to see him talk more about the actual game, though.

This app will give you an idea of how much longer you might live, though I am not sure that is something helpful to know! Again, lots of information about the app and some about the author, but I would have loved to see some screenshots or learn a little about how it was written.

So, what’s your story?

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