Neil Fraser: Tech Warrior

I read an awful lot and particularly like blogs. Big blogs. Blogs that talk about a wide array of things and in many cases, inspire me. Some I like so much that I devour and read everything such as Coding Horror by Jeff Atwood, Joel on Software by Joel Spolsky, Patrick McKenzie’s blog about his IT business exploits or the varied posts by Scott Hanselman. And now I have found another: Cue Neil Fraser of Blockly fame.

What I find so amazing about the internet is that despite how much time I spend on it being whisked left, then right, as my interests and left mouse button take me, I can still happen across things that I have never heard of, but are yet incredibly well known in their circles. I am even more surprised in this case because I do have an interest in education and ICT.

Anyway… I have just finished reading everything since 2002 and unlike the past, this time I kept track of all the entries that I really enjoyed reading for one reason or another. If I had to describe Neil though (and I don’t know him, nor have we conversed), he is exactly what you might expect someone from Google to be like: inquisitive, highly intelligent and willing to do things, and this is reflected in what I have chosen to focus on below.

I’ve grouped up my favourite posts so in a sense, I suppose this is a sort of museum of curated entries. Hope you enjoy them!

“Bad Ass”

“General Bad Ass”




Please excuse the title but I honestly don’t know how else to describe some of the things he does and has done :-)

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