Maintaining Consistent Footers in Wordpress

I’ve got approximately 96 posts in Wordpress and each of them has a footer with details about me, the author.

Makes sense right? If someone prints it out, I want them to know where it came from and hopefully give me some credit for it, but there’s a problem. Firstly, they aren’t all consistent. Some mention my Twitter handle. Some mention the wrong one. A few are formatted differently and all of them don’t use my brand new https website address. Hmm.

What’s more, I am forever having to go to an old post, scroll to the bottom, copy the footer and then paste it into the end of my current post. All very time consuming and there just haaaaaasssssss to be a better way… Cue this plugin to do the heavy lifting for you: 

Simple Content Adder by Blaz K.

Basically, if you want to add something to the bottom of every post (once you install it) follow these steps (taken from their help):

  • Click Add New under the Added Content in the left sidebar.
  • Enter the title (only you will see the title).
  • Select the position for custom content – available options are above content, below content and footer.
  • Under Include In select where do you want your content to show – available options are posts, pages and everywhere. Please note that everywhere option is only compatible with the footer position.
  • Added Content Class allows you to give the custom content div a class for later CSS styling.
  • Add your cool content and hit the publish button.

So far so good. And below this text is the magical footer which I didn’t add with my soft fingers!

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