Installing IP Vanish on Windows 7 Pro

If you have tried to install the IP Vanish software on your Windows 7 Pro machine and run into problems with the TAP driver, I have a solution for you.

When I installed the main software, then tried to connect after logging in, the software
realised I needed a TAP driver installed. Up then popped a dialog and I clicked the install button – so far so good. Or not!

no tap device installed

I was informed that the driver was not signed and needed to be for this version of Windows but sadly, no matter what I tried, I just couldn’t get the thing to install.

no tap device installed

Solving this problem happened after I noticed that the software mentioned OpenVPN.

Firstly, go to this site at the OpenVPN website:

Then download the latest version of the software. Right now, that’s this
( link, but do check the site directly.

When you run this as an adminstrator, untick all the items except the TAP driver – we only need that part to fix our IP Vanish problem.

installing solution via open vpn

Once installed, reboot your PC and you should be good to go.


Written by Stephen Moon
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