Installing the Demo Laravel App on Windows IIS

Let’s assume you already have a basic demo app ready to go.

Copy the Laravel app folder into a suitable location on the server; it doesn’t matter too much where.

Adding a Website

  • Run inetmgr
  • Right click Sites
  • Choose Add Website
  • Give it a name, point the path to the Public folder
  • Now go back to your new site under Sites.
  • Right-click
  • Manage Web Site
  • Browse

The website should be displayed.

Using a Specific Port

  • Select site in Sites
  • Right click
  • Edit bindings…
  • Select http…80
  • Click Edit
  • Change port number to desired port. E.g. 8082
  • Click OK
  • Click Close

Using a Virtual Directory

Fancy a URL like: http://server/my-name?

  • Run inetmgr
  • Click on Default Web Site
  • Right Click
  • Add Virtual Directory…
  • Give it an alias: e.g. rpd
  • Point physical path to the public folder
  • Click OK

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