Disabling JavaScript

I recently went to a website which had used JavaScript to prevent me from right clicking and inspecting the elements there. I never quite understand why sites do this, especially since much of what you see ends up in your cache anyway, but in any case, I wanted to take a look at the HTML.

In looking for a quick solution in Chrome, I found a new one which I thought I would share. The obvious port of call is this under the three dots menu, but that is a lot of clicking.:

Settings > Advanced > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > JavaScript

Here’s another approach.

  • F12
  • Control-Shift-P
  • Type “dis“ and Disable JavaScript will appear.
  • Click on it.

You will now be able to right-click to your hearts content.

In Firefox, it’s fairly quick too:

  • F12
  • F1
  • Check the box labelled “Disable JavaScript“ on the right.

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