Creating a Subdomain in 1&1 (IONOS) to Azure

This is a quick how-to on setting up a new subdomain in 1&1 and pointing it to a VM in Azure. For this, you will already need a domain to begin with and a VM which has been created, too. Got that? Then let’s get cracking!

Creating the subdomain

  • Log in to the 1&1 panel
  • Click on Domains and SSL
  • Scroll down to your domain, click on the cog on the right and select Manage Subdomains
  • Click on Add subdomain on the right
  • Type in a name into the text box and click Save

DNS Change

Now let’s create what is known as a CNAME record (alias) so that we can go to the subdomain and be whisked to our Azure VM.

  • Click on the link for > Use Your Domain, then DNS
  • Click on Add Record
  • Choose CNAME

In the form that appears, change points to to be the VM DNS name given in Azure and set your TTL (Time to Live) for say, 5 minutes - that way you won’t have to wait too long to test the change propogating.

Not sure where the Azure domain name is? Well, it will either be shown on the virtual machine itself as I have on a classic VM I created many moons ago:

or on the public IP you may have set up in Azure.

In the latter case, there wasn’t one by default and I needed to create it by clicking on the Configuration link on the left, after selecting my Public IP in the Azure portal.

  • Finally click Save.

You will now see what might be deemed an alarming warning about how a bunch of services will be disabled. Don’t let that phase you - we aren’t going to need any of that stuff, at least not for a simple web application. Click Save again. You should now see something like this:

After a short while, you should be able to browse to your URL or at least, ping it and see that it has propogated.

Don’t worry about the timeout. The key thing is that it knew where to go!

That’s it - all done.

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