Some Resources to Learn Vue

I’ve recently been looking again at Vue.js - the “progressive framework for building user interfaces” - and as such, have come across a small number of resources that I thought would be useful to share with others. If there are any that I haven’t mentioned that you think are particularly, useful, please let me know and I will add them.

Vue JS Documentation

Many people state just how well written this documentation is, so this should definitely be in your list of things to read.


There is a pretty good introduction to Vue course which you can access at the VueMastery site. Another nice touch is that if you subscribe, 25% of your subscription fees go towards the Open Source project, so you will also be supporting that in the process.

CodersTape Intro to Vue JS

I really like CodersTape and his free YouTube course is definitely worth watching. Check out his other courses too, which cover things like Laravel, Testing and Package Development, if you are interested.

Travery Media’s Introductory Course

This course is pretty good and lasts just over an hour. He covers everything from first principles, right up to creating a simple application. There’s of course more you can learn, but this is a good starting point.

Jeffrey Way

Laracasts is a great Laravel resource, but this course, which is mirrored on YouTube, is a really good introduction. Consider also signing up to Laracasts itself for more useful content.

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