References to my Domain

It’s been a little while since I’ve done this, but I had a sudden urge to see whether anyone had referenced my domain. This isn’t the first time I have done this and it is a little vain, but there is nothing like reality to bring you down to earth.

So what do I find when I search for on the interweb?

  1. Someone hot-linking me

This fellow has taken an image (which wasn’t mine) and is referring to it in connection with the game Missile Command.

  1. Using my implementation of a maze in JavaScript

I like this one more - someone using something I did in their own implementation. You can find my original post here and don’t forget to check out the excellent book on Mazes by Jamis Buck.

  1. Portugeuese site where someone used my timer code

They were wondering why the code wasn’t reliable (I used setInterval()) and it seems there may also be a logic bug in it that someone pointed out. Nice to go multi-lingual in a post.

  1. I used to use a WordPress theme

Semprul was pretty good whilst I was using Wordpress but it’s all static, static, static now…

  1. GitHub Scraper

This looks like a scraping site rather than something that does anything of their own and represents a cheatsheet repo that I have.

  1. And on and on…

A shocking number of sites that fired up all kinds of Ad scripts and things Kaspersky blocked! Naturally I won’t put any links here, but watch out for your own sites appearing in the same way.

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