Here’s my last review. That’s right - 2015! Oops.


Reading it though was quite interesting. I had three goals for 2016:

  • Blog consistently.
  • Reach 100 posts by the end of 2016.
  • Try to improve my writing.

Did I make that? Well, since then, I haven’t blogged anywhere near as consistently as I hoped, didn’t reach 100 posts in 2016 but hopefully did improve my writing! Let’s break down some stats, though, and discuss them.


Year Visitors Posts Best Month (Visitors)
2019 14,809 25 July (1,426)
2018 11,317 33 October (1,329)
2017 7,736 24 January (879)
2016 8,792 25 December (1,490)
2015 7,393 63 July (1,365)

In my original post, I had more visits in 2015 (or at least, some Jan->Mar) so I think I must have combined stats; I know I was using a tool called statcounter rather than just GA, for example.

However, you can see for the first three years, visits kind of hovered around the 7-8K mark, but since then, have steadily increased to almost double what they were in 2015. Still small-fry, but it’s in the right direction.

Posts have been quite variable and that’s a shame. Since those heady days in 2015, I have managed roughly 2 per month. Unfortunately, they aren’t spread out equally and are in fact bunched up in some quarters indicating how my work commitments sometimes prevented me from blogging so much.

And as for the best months, I don’t think there is any real pattern but I ought to look at that more closely another time.

This isn’t what I planned so I guess that brings me onto my new goals.

New Goals

I’ve thought about this and have decided to go for achievable goals, but in a variety of areas.

  1. Blog (at least) four times per month
    Definitely possible and more-so since I have moved over to hexo. That will give me 48 throughout the year, which is respectable. Consitency is the key though.

  2. Make more use of my YouTube channel
    I have some videos but the quality is variable. I quite fancy doing a tutorial series and seeing where that leads. If I can increase my subscriber count to double-digits from 3, that would be a success!

  3. (Fully) complete a project
    Yes, really! I have a great one planned/in the works which ties in nicely with some of my other interests, but I will write about more of that soon.

That’s it. I’ve stopped myself writing a couple more things but am happy with the above. Fingers crossed I keep to it!

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