Five Entrepreneur Podcasts

I’ve spoken a lot about podcasts because I think they’re great. Particularly, I have five posts talking about interesting podcasts that I have listened to in the past (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5) and also managed to get my name mentioned on one, too, which was cool.

My tastes have changed a little since then and after 100s of podcasts, I’ve found a few new ones which I think are worth a listen, especially if you are interested in creating your own developer-start-up. Here are five that I think you should consider listening to and why.

  1. Startups For The Rest Of Us
    No apologies for mentioning this one again (and again) - it is by far the best. The recent episodes where Mike Taber (co-host) talks about his latest start-up are really good (see: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and finally, 6)!, as are the TinySeed tales which start with this one.

  2. The Art of Product
    This has two co-hosts: Ben and Derick. Ben (and his co-founders) are working on Tuple, which is a pair-programming Macintosh application and Derick is now on a start-up based on static sites (StaticKit). It’s been really interesting listening to them both work through various ideas and discuss the pros and cons on their journey. Worth listening to are the podcasts around when Derick dropped his start-up idea, Level.

  3. Techzing
    OK, the second one I have been a long-time listener to! Give me some lee-way though because this is also great. This is hosted by Justin and Jason, two multi-start-up guys. They talk about a whole host of things, not just start-ups (theirs and others), so give them a shot.

  4. Out of Beta
    Matt and Peter run this one, and like the others, I have listened to every podcast. These guys are working on Summit (Matt’s - used to predict earnings, monitor metrics etc.) and Branch (Peter’s - a CI tool for Wordpress sites). Lots of honest, open, discussion about the difficulties and successes they face, and more recently, Matt’s first start-up being sold.

Last one…

  1. Founder Quest
    This is the podcast from the founders of Honeybadger - Starr, Josh and Ben - who run an online error reporting tool. They cover things like free-plans, acquisitions, and maintaining a decent work-life balance.

So, there you go - if you haven’t tried any of these, please do - all are really worth a listen.

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