These are some of the projects that I have worked on in the past:


Name Features Description Blog
5 Weight Converter JavaScript, Local Storage Converting from kilos to stones and pounds Post
4 Binary Planets JavaScript Turning text into binary Post
3 Maze Maze Algorithm, Dynamic Tables Creating a simple maze. Post
2 Times Tables Grid Random Numbers, ready() Practise tables sheet. Post
1 Timers setInterval(), clearInterval() Implementing timers. Post

30 ASP.NET Websites

This was a repository for me to demonstrate my winding path of learning with Microsoft ASP.NET. My goal was that I would ultimately create 30 webpages/websites in the same vein as Jennifer Dewalt’s 180 Webpages and much like her, I had three main requirements:

  1. I need to learn/practise something new with each one.
  2. There will (usually) be a blog entry for it where I pick through the interesting aspects.
  3. I consider some lessons learnt at the end of each task.

GitHub Source

# Name Features Description Blog
7 How Long Till Xmas MVC 5, NUNIT Visual indication of how long till Dec 25th. Post
6 Guest Book Entity Framework, SQL Server Guest book page for comments. Post
5 Currency Converter Master Page, ASMX web service, Validators Uses live quotes for currencies. Post
4 Jon Skeet Quotes XML Quote engine. Post
3 Maze Application State, jQuery Text mini-adventure. Post
2 Mastermind ViewState, NUNIT, asp:table Guessing colour codes. Post
1 Rock, Paper, Scissors Image control, Embedding CSS An old classic that will entertain you for seconds. Post

OFSTED Heatmap

This project details the implementation of a small web-app that (amongst other things) provides information about when a school in Bexley was last visited by OFSTED (the UK agency for inspecting schools). Briefly, it uses a small amount of JavaScript, Google Maps (for the map and a KML file) and Python to scrape the data from the OFSTED website.

Find the live version here but note that the data hasn’t been updated in almost 100 years.

# Blog
3 The Main Page
2 Requirements and Initial Design
1 A New Web-based Project

Missile Command

# Blog
7 Adding Sound
6 Adding Some Scores and Lives
5 Let the Missiles Rain Down
4 Adding in Some Bombs using Scratch
3 Adding a Background to Scratch
2 Creating and Controlling Crosshairs in Scratch
1 Creating A Missile Command Clone in Scratch