These are some of the projects that I have worked on in the past:

30 ASP.NET Websites

This was a repository for me to demonstrate my winding path of learning with Microsoft ASP.NET. My goal was that I would ultimately create 30 webpages/websites in the same vein as Jennifer Dewalt’s 180 Webpages and much like her, I had three main requirements:

  1. I need to learn/practise something new with each one.
  2. There will (usually) be a blog entry for it where I pick through the interesting aspects.
  3. I consider some lessons learnt at the end of each task.

GitHub Source

# Name Features Description Blog
7 How Long Till Xmas MVC 5, NUNIT Visual indication of how long till Dec 25th. Post
6 Guest Book Entity Framework, SQL Server Guest book page for comments. Post
5 Currency Converter Master Page, ASMX web service, Validators Uses live quotes for currencies. Post
4 Jon Skeet Quotes XML Quote engine. Post
3 Maze Application State, jQuery Text mini-adventure. Post
2 Mastermind ViewState, NUNIT, asp:table Guessing colour codes. Post
1 Rock, Paper, Scissors Image control, Embedding CSS An old classic that will entertain you for seconds. Post


Name Features Description Blog
Binary Planets JavaScript Turning text into binary Post
Maze Maze Algorithm, Dynamic Tables Creating a simple maze. Post
Times Tables Grid Random Numbers, ready() Practise tables sheet. Post
Timers setInterval(), clearInterval() Implementing timers. Post

Missile Command

# Blog
7 Adding Sound
6 Adding Some Scores and Lives
5 Let the Missiles Rain Down
4 Adding in Some Bombs using Scratch
3 Adding a Background to Scratch
2 Creating and Controlling Crosshairs in Scratch
1 Creating A Missile Command Clone in Scratch

OFSTED Heatmap

This project details the implementation of a small web-app that (amongst other things) provides information about when a school in Bexley was last visited by OFSTED (the UK agency for inspecting schools). Briefly, it uses a small amount of JavaScript, Google Maps (for the map and a KML file) and Python to scrape the data from the OFSTED website.

Find the live version here but note that the data hasn’t been updated in almost 100 years.

# Blog
3 The Main Page
2 Requirements and Initial Design
1 A New Web-based Project